Lyrics – Year One











“Year One” is a collection containing the album “Eden Sank to Grief”
and the EP “War Begins With You”

1. Mercenary
Did I ask for your fucking opinion?
Do I care what you have to say?
So consumed by your accusations, you’ll kill yourself in half a day
We’ve said what needs to be said
We agree you’re better off dead
Feeding off your hostility, I would kill you for a very small fee
I am your mercenary

2. Unconditional Surrender
My heart rots, a last breath in a plagued existence
My fists lock, a last attempt at negotiation
I can’t speak
I can’t breathe
I can’t sleep
Blood runs cold
Everything turns black
I can’t be a martyr without a cause
Our generation wants to see the world burn – no love for anyone
We lack the guts to do it ourselves – so far, move towards the light
Controlled by fear my hate burns cold – this fucking war will never end
No fucking unconditional surrender – hatred forced opposition
Nothing can stop me now

3. Fucking Wartorn
No more will I place my trust in you
No more will I put my faith in you
False hope for everyone that’s involved in this plan
Fucked up – fuck politics, fuck conscience, fuck reason
There is no one coming to save me, I’ll save myself
So this is what it feels like to be broken by my own hand
I’m fucking war torn and battered
I’ll meet my match in battle, stay focused, heart and soul blackened
I’m fucking war torn and battered

4. Black Friday in Hell
Black Friday’s burning in the market of hell
Business is booming, my soul is for sale
Consumers are spending their holidays in hell
Liars are preaching the whole world’s on sale
Black Friday is burning a hole, a hole in our pockets
Celebrate our mortal sin; there is no gift of giving
We are the new pilgrims, we famished the other nations
Satan is spreading his wings forcing cannibalism
Ignite the flames of devastation
Suffer the wrath of hell nation
Liars breathing worm infestation
Satan’s spreading his wings over you

5. Eden Sank to Grief
Buried in the ashes of the first apocalypse
Worlds collide miles wide, sun blacked out and years go by
Fuel is in our cars and food is on our table
Embrace life with trophies of death, there is nothing fucked here
I’ve gotta live a more righteous lie
I’ll tell my friends that I’m gonna die
No goodbyes in a fight for survival
No fear in the eyes of those who were bred to die
I can taste life slipping away, drive me into a wall
There is nothing fucked here

6. Survival Kits
Molten iron seethe, make the ice retreat
Rains drench the surface, waves crash in defeat
Swarm the surface to fall victim

7. Renegrenades
No home for the heartless, no love for the lifeless
Don’t cry for the suicides, they have made their choice
In the land of the free nothing is fucking free
No jobs for the homeless, just a straight shot to nowhere
Don’t cry for the suicides, they have made their choice
In the land of the free nothing is fucking free
In the land of opportunity everyone is fucking lost
I can’t stop screaming at these walls, I can’t stop screaming before I fall
We think we’re living day by day, we’re fucking dying everyday
I can’t stop screaming at these walls, I can’t stop screaming before I fall
I wrote these words beyond repair, they taste like bullets of despair
Hope, I gave up; Hate consumes me
Love lost, life lost
Where do I go when every open door leads to nowhere?
All of the doors in this town are locked; all of our dreams are crushed
There’s a freight train coming off of its tracks, like a bullet in the night it’s flying
All of the doors in this town are locked; all of our dreams are crushed

8. End of the World Party
We have the same agenda but we have different homes
We have the same face but we have different names
Caught up in the selfishness of what is mine and what is yours
I’ve lost myself in throwing a party; let’s celebrate the end of the world
All my friends are here and we’re drunk as fuck
We’ve lost all inhibitions; we’re making love to the air
We’ve lost all hope; there is no reason to care
All emotion is dead and so is everything you’ve ever fucking known
Let’s do everything that we never thought we could do
Let’s take a shot for being wiped off the map
Let’s do everything that we never thought we could do
I’m ready for the moment everything turns black
It’s an end of the world party and I’m the one who’s throwing it
Everything’s engulfed in flames and I don’t give a shit
We’ll all be dead tomorrow
All of the beauty we had was lost
When we gave up our inhibitions and made love to the air
This is the moment we realize how worthless and small we are
These are the last moments that we will spend alive
I’ve drank too much to fuck on my last night on earth
I’m so pissed at everything that I’ll never do
We knew from our first moment that we were born to fail
Our flaws made us beautiful but they fucked us in the end

9. The Fury Inside
I don’t know who you think you are, but I know just where you’ve been
You pissed on all your friends, you fucking sold them out
You’re the flavor of the week, you fucking sold us out
Talking shit like it’s going out of style, I will not suffer you
You live with false conviction, you’ll fucking sell out
You’ve overstayed your welcome
Don’t waste your breath with empty threats
Your blood is mine
You fucking sold us out
We are not a stepping stone for your business plan
You’ll break like glass and wash away like sand

10. No Love No Hope No Fear
What the fuck are you fighting for, a lost cause in a dying war?
You’ve lost your target, so driven to find a new victim
Someone must always pay, forgiveness will be denied
So consumed by pointing the finger when the finger should be pointed at you
I found a victim, he has no name
Just another face buying into your fucking game
This constant struggle for power – we are at war
If I knew what I was fighting for – I’d hold the line

11. War Begins With You
Martial law is in effect
Soldiers march and fall in line
So content with genocide
By your hand families are dead
Unspeakable atrocities, it’s time for confrontation
Humanity is fucking lost, it’s time for confrontation
Frontline solicitation – this is fucking war
Government forced isolation – this is fucking war
Casualties from demonstration – this is fucking war
It’s time for confrontation – this is fucking war
This is fucking war

12. Symbiosis
It doesn’t matter who you are
It doesn’t matter what you do
In the end we all fucking lose
Success will not be measured in your financial status
But in how you benefit those who surround you
We’re all just waiting to be consumed
The earth is patient, we are its food
In the journey to the great beyond your possessions are left behind
To be thrown in America’s great pyramids of trash
Burnt alive so fast that the ashes of my past
Disintegrate with the hope of building new life
In the end we’re turned to ashes
To be thrown into the wind
I’m waiting to be consumed by the sun